Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are given by pesksoft.com for users. It is provided to allow users to understand the services provided and other valuable information. It is expected of users to read carefully the terms and conditions because all necessary information regarding the website is therein. The use of the website shows acceptance of terms and conditions by users.

Also, users should know that anyone who accesses the website through their internet connection should also read and understand the terms and conditions.

The website is made available free of charge. However, it does not guarantee that the website will be available always and uninterrupted. 

We have the right to limit the information on the website to any person or geographical location.

The website has the right to withdraw, or suspend the website at anytime and is not liable to users if the website becomes unavailable.

There is a restriction in access to the website because it allows temporary access to the website.

Mindwhiz developer’s website has the right to seek personal data through registration or signing up. Password, username, and Email address are the major data personal data needed by the website.

Information provided by the website must be truthful, reliable, and updated. Through the registration, the user guarantees that all information provided is authentic.

For feedback, contributions, and other interactive activities, authentication and sign-up will always be required. A well-authenticated registered user will be able to post feedback, comments, and even contribute on the website.

User Guidelines

In the course of using the website, the user is expected to ;

  • Encourage other users to use the website and not hinder them.
  • Never impersonate or use someone else’s information for personal use.
  • Never upload, use, or post information or content from this website for commercial purposes without permission.